Thursday, July 12, 2012

Having Fun in the Sun!!

Come on guys!! Let's go!!!

Is this really for me??????

 Help me Kallista!!

Here is another sneak peak of our Botanical Garden pictures. I can't wait to see them all!!!
I received this picture from her teacher at day care. They got to do pudding paintings today! She sad they had a blast!!!! It looks like it lol.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pictures from the last few months

                                                                 4/22/12   Cheesin
                                                                She loves her Pop Pop
                                                     She sleeps like this every night!!
                                                         Sharing with Pop and Kallista
                                                      Sleepy girl! She loves her blanket!

                                  Ready for day care! We are celebrating my birthday today :)
                             This is me at day care eating my cupcake I brought for everyone.
                                                    Going through my birthday presents
                                                                   Family pic

                                                           Hugs from Blister man

                                                                   Roll Tide!!!
                                                           On my big green tractor!!

                                                              Already a poser!!!!
                                                           Rockin Daddy's sunglasses
                                                        Where did my pineapple go???
                                                   Playing with my cousins in Michigan :)

                                        We are getting a prize since we were so good at the doctor!!
                         I'll take both of these please!! (And no we don't always go without shoes!!)
                       This is what I made for my Daddy for Father's Day!!! I almost made him cry :)
                                                       6/21/12     I sure do love strollers!!

It's Pool Time!!!

                                                        She said "Yummm"

                                       Bliss was watching over me to make sure I was safe :)
                                                   I LOVE to splash!!


                                                     It's just too bright!!